Timeless feminine charm is revisited by la boutique, thai fashion brand that is so inspired to create stylish and modern yet delicate and luxurious for women. With the use of signature features such as feathers and stars, the brand aspires to bring out the best in every woman’s personality in every social scene, as “La Boutique reinvents the classic and translate it into modern women’s lifestyle” , says patcharawat trakansantikul, creative director of the brand that has quickly become notable in the fashion scene.

“New Vintage” is probably best described the overall concept of the brand. The memorable looks from past till present, style icons of every era and olden day’s historic arts became the creative director’s inspiration to create such timeless yet modern looks for every collection of La Boutique.

La Boutique is a couture fashion house that welcomes all who love to be glamorously dressed. With such extensive experiences in the fashion industry.

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